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1 Add semi-oc la data de Joi Iun 16, 2016 2:38 am

Nume Personaj:Add


Add a creat un dispozitiv prin care a absorbit abilitatile tuturor personajelor din jocul Elsword.
Are abilitatile tuturor personajelor din jocul Elsword.(impreuna cu toate formele lor)


(Dp e mana pe joc, unele abilitati refac mana, Dynamo Mutation Point si Awakening este atunci cand caracterul este la abilitate maxima insa al meu este )
Energy Boom-> Release a strong energy attack that moves along the way.
DP Skill Recovery
Recover 20 DP when the skill is used
DP is not restored while in Dynamo Configuration Mode (Awakening)
Dynamo Mutation Point

Uses 1 Dynamo Mutation Point with Awakening
Increases 40% range with Dynamo Mutation Point.

Phase Shift-> Set up a dummy capable of position changes. When touched, it will explode. However, if skill key is pressed before it explodes, position of the dummy and user will change 1 time.
    Activate Position Change
Once set, press the skill key again to activate.
Uses 5 MP to switch the location of you and the dummy

Void Breaker-> Concentrate energy and blast with force. Unleashed energy shoots out to finally explode.
DP Skill Recovery
Recover 40 DP when the skill is used
DP is not restored while in Dynamo Configuration Mode (Awakening)
Dynamo Mutation Point

Uses a maximum of 2 Dynamo Mutation Points with Awakening
Increases 15% damage per Dynamo Mutation Point.

Particle Accelerator-> Accelerate Dynamo particles by shooting strong waves that stun enemies.
DP Skill
DP is not consumed while in Dynamo Configuration Mode (Awakening).
Dynamo Mutation Point

Uses a maximum of 3 Dynamo Mutation Points with Awakening
Increases 5% damage per Dynamo Mutation Point.
Final Enhanced Skill

MP Usage is decreased by 20.
Cooldown is decreased by 5 seconds.

Particle Prism-> Cast a prism that slows movement of all enemies who become trapped inside.
DP Skill Recovery
Recover 24 DP when the skill is used
DP is not restored while in Dynamo Configuration Mode (Awakening)
Dynamo Mutation Point

Uses 1 Dynamo Mutation Point with Awakening
For each mutation point used, the effectiveness of the Movement Speed Debuff will increase.
Final Enhanced Skill

Damage is increased by 1.2 times.

Neutron Bomb-> Gather neutron particles to cause a large explosion. The energy from the neutrons sucks in nearby enemies and contracts to finally cause a massive explosion.
DP Skill Recovery
Recover 60 DP when the skill is used
DP is not restored while in Dynamo Configuration Mode (Awakening)
Nasod Armor Command Connection

Final Enhanced Skill

Damage is increased by 1.2 times.

Particle Shot-> Shoot an energy particle blast. The shot explodes upon dissipation.
Final Enhanced Skill
Damage is increased by 1.2 times.

Dynamo Configuration - Dissolver-> Fire multiple shocks. In Configuration Mode (Awakening), shocks will be change to large blasts.
Final Enhanced Skill
On successful hit, gains 1 additional DMP.

Quake Buster->Fires a large blast downwards which will rapidly surge forward.
(Can also be activated in midair)

DP Skill
DP is not consumed while in Dynamo Configuration Mode (Awakening).
Dynamo Mutation Point
Uses a maximum of 1~2 Dynamo Mutation Points with Awakening
Increases 10% damage with Dynamo Mutation Point.
When 2 mutation point is used, recover 25 MP.
Final Enhanced Skill
Damage is increased by 1.2 times.

Pulse Cannon-> Fires 4 electrical bullets that home in on the nearest enemy in front. Holding down the skill button to fire 4 more shots, each costing 25 MP.
DP Recovery Skill
In Configuration Mode (Awakening), 100 DP will be consumed for this skill. Holding down the skill button will allow Add to fire 4 more shots, each costing 25 DP.
In Dissolution Mode (Non-Awakening), 20 DP will be recovered.

Dynamo Configuration - Pylons->  Create a persistent stationary energy orb that lasts for 20 seconds that inflicts damage on nearby enemies and increases your allies' MP regeneration.
If you create further energy orbs within 10 metres, the orbs will bind together with electric rays that inflict continual damage without holding the enemy still.
(Can also be used in mid-air)

Stasis Field->  Generate an electric aura. Within 15 seconds you can choose either to detonate the aura or let it disappear.
If the aura is not detonated, certain amount of MP will be replenished.
(Explosion damage and MP returned are based on how much damage you can deal to enemies during the aura's existence.)

DP Recovery Skill
In Dissolution Mode (Non-Awakening), 60 DP will be recovered.

Nasod Armor Mode - Battle Gear-> [Passive] Allows the use of Nasod Armor combos when in Configuration Mode (Awakening) as well as after certain skills and at the end of a combo.
If you are hit whilst in the middle of a Nasod Armor combo, the damage will be annulled and you can continue the combo.

Particle Storm-> [Passive] Create energy storm particles when attacking or while being attacked. The storm particles damage the surrounding area but do not stun enemies. Stronger attacks generate stronger storm particles. Also lowers the knockdown rate of attacks and increases the MP regen when in Dynamo Configuration Mode (Awakening).

Dynamo Configuration - Magnetron-> Creates 3 magnetrons that follow you for 15 seconds and inflict additional damage during your attacks

Rush Twirl->  Dash forward and create a twirling energy blast that locks targets down.

Psychic Storm-> Releases a tornado of high-velocity plasma around yourself that drags in targets within range, and then blasts them upwards into the air.

Quicksilver Accel->  Rush forward while dragging enemies along.

Body of Transcendence-> [Passive] When using Nasod Armor combos, you will have a chance to ignores enemy defense stats and guard positions. Also increased movement speed while in Configuration Mode.

Install - Drone Activator-> Dynamo Factory: Drone Activator
Install a drone that then fires off a rocket. The rocket explodes and leaves a target on enemies for a short time, reducing their physical and magical defenses. In addition, during this time, all [Dynamo Configuration] skills (excluding Pylons) will be automatically fired on this enemy and inflict 20% more damage, their MP cost decreased by 50%.

Psionic Generator->  Install a generator that charges through the physical energy of allies and enemies in the vicinity and then explodes. The more characters that are near you, the larger and more powerful the explosion is.

Phantom Seeker-> Creates two drones that follows your enemy and then can change targets after each hit.

Install - Starfall-> Dynamo Factory: Starfall
You install a fixed firing drone that rains laser grenades down on enemies in your vicinity for 7 seconds. Target acquisition increases in speed with more enemies in the vicinity.

Install - Shooting Chaser->  Dynamo Factory: Shooting Chaser
You install a drone that then duplicates upon activation and then inflicts continual damage on the enemy with a laser beam for 3 seconds. The first hit inflicts hitstun.

Apocalypse-> onstruct Nasod cubes that follow you and attack enemies in the vicinity. If the cube HP reaches 0 or if you press the skill key again, all energy will be discharged in one final attack.
The stats of the cube correspond to your own.

Dynamo Configuration - Space Crack-> Generate a crack in space to barrage the enemy.

Gravity Buster-> Press down with a wide range gravitational field. (Can also be activated in midair)

Reverse Circle-> Create a portal to travel through a set distance in space, then launch an energy ball that penetrates all targets and explodes.
(Can also be used in mid-air)

Stardust Shower-> Generate a dimensional gate to summon special gravity spheres. Countless gravity spheres come out of the generated dimensional gate and fall towards the ground.

Seal of Time-> Is imune to all tipe of time dmg and Debuff.

Mind Break-> Add configures his Dynamos to home in to the nearest target and create a triangular shock zone around the target's head, dealing damage and decreases their magical attack.
Magic Attack Reduction: 95.2%

Maximum Strike-> Stir spacetime by vibrating atoms in the air to create 6 spatiotemportal bodies for a period of 60 seconds.

Void Field-> Calculate spatial coordinates to restrain targets in the rising developed space, damaging them.

Reverse Stigma-> Place a stigma on the nearest target that records their position.
Pressing the skill button again will transfer the marked target to the recorded position.
Invincible or named targets cannot be transferred.
The transition consumes 20 MP (DP in Awakening).

Mind Control-> [Passive] Some of the cost of skills used will be recovered depending on the current Nasod Armor mode and strengthens immunities to debuffs.
Debuff Immunity: Stun/Confusion/Silence/Panic/Fear/Helplessness

Moonlight Rhapsody->  Releases Esper energy to destroy the target's mind

Time Trouble-> [Passive] Directly interfere with timespace to greatly enhance related skills.

Paranoia->  Gather the power of time and space to create dimensional rifts causing mass hysteria.
Burning Hallucination: 10 seconds of burning damage.
Water Hallucination: 10 seconds of weakness, attack/movement speed decreased, jump speed increased.
Poison Hallucination: 10 seconds of poison damage, movement/jump speed decreased.

Auto Guard-> [Passive] Automatically block attacks. When activated, you can use the [ Roll ] skill.

Armor Break-> Break your enemy's armor to reduce defense

Gigantic Slash-> You stun the enemy with killing intent and follow it up with multiple blows.

Explosive Fist-> Punch enemies with an explosive fist.

Critical Sword->  Strike down and imbue your sword with magic to gain a buff.
Destruction Skill
Consumes the Destruction gauge and charges the Vitality gauge
Boosts attack power by 50% when Destruction is active

Splash Explosive->  Carve a large rune to damage enemies.

Shining Rune Buster->  Imprison surrounding enemies within a magical black hole and call forth a huge wave of rune swords to crush enemies.

Phantom Sword->  Summon a Phantom Sword that follows and mimics your attacks for extra damage along with a chance to inflict critical strike.

Blade Rain-> Embody the power of Conwell into a huge sheath and summon a massive rain of blades.

Gust Storm-> Cast a huge pillar of fire to severely damage surrounding enemies. Enemies hit will be burned for 10 seconds.

Meteor Call-> Summon a meteor from the sky. The meteor explodes when it hits the ground.

Wisdom Aura-> [Buff]Increases Magical Attack Power

Blaze Step-> Surround your body in flames to burn everything for 5.5 seconds. Enemies hit will receive additional damage and flinch. Ignore all damage.

Elemental Body-> Protects the body with a spell that absorbs magical projectiles and reduce damage received.

Elemental Storm-> Create explosive elemental magic infused with Ice, Lightning, and Fire. "Ice Storm" causes the enemy to slow down for 1.5 seconds. "Lightning Storm" causes the enemy to be stunned for 4 seconds. "Fire Storm" causes the enemy to suffer a burn for 5 seconds.

Poisonous Cloud->  Cast a poisonous cloud.The poisonous dark cloud slowly expands in the direction casted.

Acceleration Aura-> Imbues an aura that increase Physical/Magical Attacks and all speed.

Death Field-> Call upon the Reaper to damage enemies. Enemies hit will receive a mark that explodes after a short while.

Worm Hole-> Twist space to create a distortion that will pull in surrounding enemies into it each second.

Space Distortion-> Twist the space to create a distortion. The twisted space can disrupt weapon attacks and absorb projectiles.

Hypersonic Stab-> Dash forward and unleash a fury of piercing slashes.

Fatal Wound-> Slash your enemy to give them a fatal wound.

Extreme Blade-> Execute a high-speed sword technique that slices through space and darkness.

Nuclear-> Summon a Nasod Nuclear Spear and drop it to cause a huge explosion.

Infernal Arms->  Awaken an Nasod claw to pulverize enemies to bits.

Refined Physique-> [Passive] Increases Damage Reduction. 24%

Ground Impact-> Pound the ground with the Nasod arm to make a quake that damages enemies.

Photon Flash-> Converts your body into photons to create a plasma dummy.

Guard-> Increases the damage reduction effect of all Heavy Stance behavior. 89%

Wonder Wall-> ] Call forth a defensive shield that greatly reduces received damage. 70%

Exorcism Stance 3-> Shadoweave-> Throw your spear using shadow spirits to create an entangling force.

Energy Absorption-> Create a sphere that absorbs energy and burns MP from enemies.

Counter Switch-> Counter the enemy's attack. Reflects normal attacks and magical projectiles. Dashes back if attacked with an attack that cannot be reflected.

Repel-> Reflect all Dmg, status efects and increases magical attack.

Suppression Specter-> Suppress enemies with the power of demons. The enemy is temporarily power-stunned and helpless for 8 seconds. Removes all buffs.

Millennium Fox->  Calls the Millennium Fox Eun to sweep the battlefield.(e cam ca vulpea cu 9 cozi doar ca e un fel de spirit zeu)

Spell : Spiritual Eye-> Percentage of total damage will ignore defense and if this spell is used, lower the cooldown of all skills by a certain amount.

Evil Claw-> Unleash a fury of slashes with the claw of a demon.

Bloodlust-> Unleash power to release demonic energy. Strengthen your body.

Trigger - Soul Eruption-> Haunt and shock the enemy in front with evil spirits that also burns MP.

Soul Extortion-> Absorb the souls of enemies in front.

Castle of Abaddon-> Summons a gateway to the demon god "Abaddon" which unleashes a great demon spear to decimate everything in its path.


Datorita noilor puteri acumulate Add a reusit sa asimileze un nou tip de energie "nen". Are abilitatile naturale ale utilizatorilor de nen.
Amortizing Power Redirector: atunci cand Add isi loveste adversarul in apropierea lui apare o mica creatura care aduna energi, cand aceasta ajunge la nivelul maxim de energie necesar anuleaza toate abilitatile adversarului timp de 30 de zile.
Add experimentand cu diferite artefacte si tot felul de arme experimentale a reusit sa creeze un amalgam intre un symbiot si artefactul witchblade. acesta find foarte rezistent si capabil sa reziste la toate slabiciunile unui symbiot normal. Are toate abilitatile unui Symbiot de ultima generatie cat si cele ale lui witchblade. Add a conceput simbiotul sa aiba o inteligenta artificiala care sa raspunda doar la comanda sa. Add a reusit sa modifice ADN-ul symbyotului si sa il modifice in asa fel incat a primit abilitatea de Capability Suppression.
- Link : acesta este capabil sa controleze paratele mecanice si tehnologia din jurul sau pe o raza de 1 km insa daca exista o retea nu are limita.
- Regenerare : Symbiot-ul este capabil sa regenereze membre sau organe si chiar pe el intr-un timp extrem de scurt.
- Capability Suppression : capacitatea de a nega, distruge sau slabi o abilitate si posibilitatea de a face individul incapabil de orice tip de abilitate (chiar si miscat, sau vorbit). Symbiotul este in fluxul sanguin al lui Add si efectele lui sunt prezente mereu insa atunci cand Add o foloseste pe Mekanica si este complet acoperit functioneaza pe post de scut si nu poate fi afectat nici iteriorul costumului.
- Self-Adaptation : acesta se poate adapta usor la orice mediu inclusiv manipuland si fiziologia lui Add fiind conectati prin linie genetica, putand sa evolueze si sa isi insuseasca din abilitatile fiintelor pe care le acapareaza.
- Symbiot and Wichblade powers : fiind un hibrid are puterile Symbiot si Wichblade insa slabiciunile Symbiot-ului au fost anulate cand a fost fuzionat cu Wichblade.
Add poate sa puna o conditie pe abilitatile adversarului, conditia este pusa de Add iar adversarul poate folosi abilitatile daca endeplineste acele conditii (conditiile se pot pune intre abilitati) abilitatea nu poate fii redirectionata sau modificata, insa poate fi anulata dar cand asta se intampa indiferent de felul de anulare Conditia anuleaza una din abilitatile adversarului definitiv pe durata luptei ne putand fi reabilitata.
Berzerk Freedom:
Add intra int-o postura extrema a mintii, corpului si spiritului sau, devine imun la durere si ignora orice il afecteaza. Cand aceasta abilitate este activata poate iesii de sub efectul orcarei iluzii sau orice forma de Debuff (poate chiar sa negheze orice conditie pusa). Nu poate fi afectat direct de nici o abilitate mintala,asupra spiritului sau abilitatilor acesta avand libertate totala asupra actiunilor sale.
Diabolic link:
Datorita conexiunii lui Add cu el intunecat acesta are momente cand un alt ego al lui apre, unul intunecat Tenebre.
Devine insusi Tenebre si are abilitatile lui.
Mirror Cloak:
Cand aceasta abilitate este activata si Add este atacat, atacatorul primeste acelas Dmg ca si Add si aceleasi debuff-uri

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