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Nero- Koo's Semi Oc

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1 Nero- Koo's Semi Oc la data de Mier Oct 12, 2016 8:08 am


Tier: 8-A at 5% , High 6-A at 50%,most likely higher with Styles, at least 5-C with Yamato(The Spirit) | At least 5-A, likely 3-A at 30% , High 1-C at 100% | High 1-B at 7% , Likely High 1-A at 70% , 0 at 100%

Name: Dante Sparda

Origin: Devil May Cry Semi Oc

Gender: Male

Age: Irrelevant , 18 physical

Power and Abilities: Superhuman Characteristics, Perfected Weapon Master, Complete Element Manipulation, Time Manipulation ( Via Quicksilver style ) , Regeneration (low-Godly), Teleportation, Telekinesis, True Flight, Self-Duplication, Can Survive with oxygen and is above dimensional limiters , Resistance to Soul Based/Spiritual attacks, Absolute Willpower via The Concept of Supreme Manipulation, Energy absorption, Can use his energy to make weapons stronger, Shape Shifting via Devil Trigger, Sealing, Spatial Manipulation via Yamato, Mental Incapacitation via Dark Voids, Precognition via Alastor Blades, Resistance to all elements, Can use his Devil Bringer to grab nearby enemies, can charge his shots from Blue Rose for extra damage, can nullify/take away someone's else Immortality

Attack Potency: Multi City Block at 5% , Continent Level at 50%, Most Likely Higher, Moon Level with Yamato| At Least Dwarf Star Level, Likely Universe Level at 30% ,High Complex Multiverse Level at 100% | High Hyperverse Level at 7% , High Outerverse Level at 70% , True Infinity.

Speed: At least Speed of Sound , Speed of Light with Yamato | Unknown | True Infinity

Lifting Strength: Class 100 , Likely Class Z-Y with Yamato| Unknown | True Infinity

Striking Strength: Class NJ, Likely XJ with Yamato| Unknown | True Infinity

Durability: At Least Moon Level, Planet Level With Yamato , Galactic level with Style | Unknown, Likely Universal | True Infinity

Stamina: Almost unmeasurable | Infinity | True Infinity

Standard Equipment: His Sword Red Queen, His Guns Blue Rose, All of Dante's Weapons and the Pandora (The Pandora is a briefcase which is said to hold 666 forms. Forms it has taken include: a bowgun, a bazooka, a laser cannon, a gatling gun, a mobile missile battery, a boomerang and if he opens the case some bad thing happens and takes out anything around it. Also busted one of the hellgates and a family of huge demons to boot. Packs enough firepower to send several large toads flying and blow them to pieces.)

Intelligence: Superhuman | Nigh-Omniscient | Omniscient

Weaknesses: Arrogant and Bad Tempered, Won't take his Enemy Serious until pushed to doing it

Notable Techniques :
Stinger: Dashes forward, delivering a powerful stab.
Drive: Slashes the air, releasing a shockwave of devil energy.
Dimension Slash: While using Yamato(the Sword), Nero can conjure blade beams that cover the entire battlefield.
Devil Trigger: Nero can transform into a demonic form and his speed and strength increase, and can constantly recuperate vitality for a short time. He has a ton of these, each with a separate set of certain skills, to fit nearly every situation.
Majin Form: A stronger and more advanced version of Devil Trigger. It can only be accessed by Nero when he is in a near-death state
Doppelganger: Nero creates a perfect clone of himself.
Royalguard Style: Continually blocking charges Dante's Royal Gauge with energy, which is discharged with his first subsequent attack for additional damage. Alternatively, he can use this energy in a variety of other ways.
Release: Releases charged-up anger and energy absorbed from blocked attacks for heavy damage.
Dreadnought Form: Uses Rage energy stored to transform into the Dreadnaught form, surrounding himself in a metallic shell, dramatically amplifying his durability for a limited time.
Ultimate Royalguard Technique: Nero can consume energy stored up this way to recover his life force.
Jackpot!: Uses this technique to seal anything and everything away.
Quicksilver: Gives Nero the power to slow down time, greatly improving his effective speed.

See You In Hell: Dante swings his Sword and cuts at a conceptual level by breaking the Fourth Wall

Death, Break Apart: Can Nullify absolutely anything, but not NORMAL Punches and Swords

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