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Yuto semi-OC

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1 Yuto semi-OC la data de Dum Feb 19, 2017 5:57 pm

Nume Yuto
Varsta 17 ani(aparenta defapt traieste de la inceputul timpului)
Istorie Yuto a fost candva unul dintre maestri Budokai care guvernau pente univers, insa intr-o zi a fost invins de Drago cu tehnica Flacarile Vitriei care i-au stors spiritul de lupta, acum dupa 17 ani a decis sa-si refaca aparitia! Yuto si-a cedat toare puterile pe care le avea pentru a ajunge la un nou nivel.

Tehnici ale vidului:
The power to manipulate nothingness. Variation of Nonexistence.

Also Called
Oblivion Power
Subtractive Magic
Śūnyatā Manipulation
Void Manipulation
User can remove items from existence, either simply making things disappear, preventing energy from ever being conceived or some other way. They can delete an eternity, removing targets from all lineages of time in every dimension, alter, reverse, or negate energy, etc. This could also lead to ultimate goal of "destroying matter", as in bringing it out of existence.

Black Hole Creation
Gravitational Singularity Generation
Send the surrounding air and oxygen into oblivion causing the target to be suffocated.
Delete negative aspects such as injuries and death, preventing death.
Apathy by erasing emotions.
Memory Erasure by deleting parts of target mind.
Negative Zone Creation
Power Erasure
Regenerative Healing Factor/Immortality by deleting injuries and death.
Cause targets to have never existed.
Cutting by deleting a portion of object.
Destroy all of existence in a single wave, resetting the universe.
Obliterate the bonds of objects causing them to collapse.
Selectively destroy planets or other heavenly bodies.
Unleash an obliterating wave that can cause the fabric of reality to temporarily collapse.
Flight and Levitation by erasing gravity.
Tracking Evasion by having "nothing" to track on.
Nothingness Attacks
Null Energy Manipulation
Nothingness Constructs
Nothingness Infusion
Null Zone Emission
Partial Existence Inducement
Teleportation by disappearing and reappearing.
Deleting space and distance in between target and oneself.
Create stabilized wormholes with negative energy.
Void Sealing
Nothingness Empowerment
Nothingness Physiology
Nothingness Removal
Physical Nonexistence
Antimatter Manipulation
Boundary Manipulation is basically similar, as removing a boundary of something is to erase its existence.
Dark Energy Manipulation
Destruction is more or less similar to this power, both destroying matter and concepts.
Reality Warping can have a similar destructive force, such as deleting targets from history.
Space Depletion is similar, as it can delete matter that is occupying the target space.
Void Magic
Some users may be able to remove anything from time. Abilities like Time Manipulation, Time Travel, Spatial-Temporal Lock.
Being one of the of negative forms of Energy Manipulation, users can create or control negative energy.
Void are also considered one element, usually the fifth in some fiction.
In the Godai Elemental System, Void is the highest and most important of the five elements, but doesn't openly represent actual nothingness/destruction as commonly believed. Instead, Void, as depicted in Godai, represents everything that are beyond man's everyday experience and understanding - something that exists, yet does not - a mysterious contradictory force that can't be perceived by one's normal senses. As such, by tapping into this power, users of the Void can achieve any of the following associated powers:

Aether Manipulation
Dream Manipulation
Existence Manipulation
Soul Manipulation
May be subject to self-termination, when Nothingness overtakes the user.
Users may accidentally remove parts of themselves, emotions, memories, or even physical pieces.
Users may not realize they have the power by deleting from their own mind as well.
Users of Nonexistence may overpower the user.
Users of Erasure Immunity are immune.

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